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Kolskoot – Potshot: Gun Shop & Shooting Range were founded in 1981 by Mike and Marlene Henn

  • Since the very beginning, our aim was to insure that every firearm owner were aware of the danger a firearm holds and the safety rules applicable of the use, handling and storage of the firearm.
  • Therefor Kolskoot – Potshot offered a FREE shooting course with every firearm sold which took place over 3 evenings, note the clipping to prove it.
  • The two sons Michael and Jaco both received National Colours for shooting.
  • Jaco, now the owner of Potshot Archery and RC Edge participated in many Commonwealth and Olympic Games, and is still involved in the day to day running of it.


See 2 Newspaper clippings of the time


Kolskoot – Potshot still value the same views

  • Have honest information
  • Have any information available to any person
  • Pricing is competitive
  • We, Mike, Borrie, Fredick, Harry, Nyasha and all the tempory staff will serve you with a smile and make time to advice and inform you honestly.
  • Check our prices
  • Try our service but be warned you need time when visiting Kolskoot – Potshot
  • We also do or help with motivations